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About  Us


1 out of 10 menstruating youth, misses school during their  cycle due to lack of access to menstrual products and resources. We can change that. We aim to help those who cannot afford access to menstrual products, by distributing them. In each wellness box, there are feminine products, cosmetics, and hygiene products. 

Self confidence is beautiful. No matter your life circumstances, it is important to feel your best. 



We distribute our wellness boxes to local homeless shelters and anyone who requests it on our website. In each box, there are tampons and pads, and a variety of cosmetic products. Together we can bring change. 


58% of women have been ashamed to be on their period. Stigma stems from misinformation. Our pamphlets educate about period poverty.  We are working on partnering with local schools to hand out these pamphlets to bring more awareness about period poverty.

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The Wellness Box Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed to promote female empowerment and fight period poverty. Two in five women struggle to purchase period products due to lack of income. Caitlyn Kim and Chloe Kim, our founders, started this foundation at the age of thirteen and fifteen. Our generation has the power to create change and it's never too late to work together as a community to fight for our cause. We want to ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products that they need to fully live their daily life. We distribute wellness boxes which contain period products as well as hygiene products to promote dignity, health, and a sense of empowerment for a better future. 

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