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Meet the Team

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Regional Director- McLean, Virginia

Nell Choi

When I first heard that lacking access to menstrual products is a leading cause for girls skipping school, I knew that this was wrong. Period poverty can be found in our very own neighborhoods, but it’s often stained with shame and embarrassment. By spreading awareness, initiating conversation, and increasing access to feminine hygiene products, we can reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation and relieve the burden of searching for pads and tampons


Regional Director- Henderson, Nevada

Laila Parker

Hey, my name is Laila Parker, I am a freshman in high school. When I first heard of this cause I was intrigued and beyond inspired. I believe that hygiene resources are a right and I love the idea of being part of this to help every woman feel comfortable, clean, and supported. I hope to help be a step in the right direction for this worldwide health conflict. Overall I’m overjoyed to be a part of this team and wish to see a tremendous change in menstrual equality.

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